Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cutesy Mini Pendant cute can things get?
Get these tiny pendant to match that boring necklace or bracelet!
RM4 per piece or get them for free with purchase above RM50

Pink Dolphin Bead Charm Bracelet

Charming piece from markets of Bangkok
Brings love and luck to its wearer!
RM15 only! or get free with purchase above RM150

Pink Crystal Bracelet

Pure Crystals to which protects and attract romance to its wearer!
Blessed and Lovely!
RM 30 only!

Vietnamese Floral Perfume

Get these assorted fragrance as gifts or use it for your own!
Aunthentic local product of Vietnam!
RM30 only!

Imported Keychain Compass

Alway lost your directions? o need to find the best feng shui direction?
These darlings came all the way from Manchester City in UK!
Get these colourful compass for RM5 per piece! Or get em free with purchase above RM100

Eyelash Curler

Curl up ya lashy and bat 'em none stop!
RM 4 or get it free with purchase above RM50

Comma Hawaiian Skirt

HAwaiian LOOK for the Summer!
RM28 only! Size S

Beige Off-Shoulder Top

Show YA Shoulders!
RM35. Size S

Friday, November 28, 2008

Light Blue Off-Shoulder Top

Show your sexy shoulders with this cool blue top!
Super smooth and soft material
RM15 only!! Size S

Brown Striped Tank Top

Body Fitting sleeveless top with comfy stretchable cotton

Can be wore with hot pants or skinny jeans. Size S

RM15 only! What a steal!

Round Bead Bracelet

Chunky handmade bracelet with elastic band to fit all
RM3 or get it for free with purchase above RM50

Loccitane Body Balm Sample Pack

Rich With Honey, Royal Jelly and Propolis to pamper sensitive skin on any part of the body
Get this mini pack at RM3 or get it for free with purchase above rm50

Loccitane Hand Cream Sample Pack

Loccitane boast of natural ingredients with minimal chemicals to nurture your skin back to its baby soft texture..
Get this mini pack at just RM 3 or get it for free with purchase above RM50

Blue Flower Hair Clip

Beautiful Blue hair clip with crystal blue glass studs.
RM6 or get it for free with purchase of RM100 above

Hair Clip

Just a Hair Clip
RM 2 or get it for free with purchase above rm50

Faux Glass Hair Band

Sparkling Hair Band to Add Zest to your Crown~
RM 4 only or get it free with purcase above RM 100 from Pussycatfashion!

White Thai Fashion Top

Thai Princess~~
RM 15 ONly! Free Size

Baby Doll Red Floral Top

Sexy Baby Doll just the right top for Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year!
RM 35 only! Fits Size S to M

BB Cream - Derma RX

Korea imported BB cream for baby soft skin

Covers blemishes, redness, acne, vitiligo, age spots, sun spots and dark circles

Even out skin tone

Can be use alone to increase radiance or as makeup base

Nourishes the skin with whitening Arbutin, anti-aging Nano-Coenzyme Q10 and nutrients

Antimicrobial properties to prevent pimples

Sun protection SPF15

Perfect pick-me-up for those living on the fast lane!

Perfect skin in a jiffy!

RM 30 ( original price RM68, opened but unused, kept in good condition )

Yellow V-Neck Top

Yellow Is the Color Of SUn shine!!
RM18only! Free Size

White Skirt

White Skirt with Red Trimmings for the dainty girl next door
RM 30 only! Size S

Black Floral Dress

Little Black Dress + Floral Prints = Unique Dinner Dress!

This hot piece is yours at RM 35. Size S

Red Floral Dress

Woaaa!!...Lady in Red always attracts!
Get it at RM30 only! Size S

Blue Stripe Cropped Cardigan

Cute and Figure Flattering with rubberized waist for the lady with the heart of a child!
RM 28 only! Size S